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Guideline on the promotion of self care


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Guideline for the development and
production of communication tools
for self care


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Report proposing policy actions
on self care at EU level

About this project

Quick overview

One area that can support the effective and cost-effective utilisation of healthcare systems and resources is self care and patient empowerment.

Self care is a learned tool enabling people to maintain health and wellbeing and to mentally and physically cope with illness and disability. Along with better health literacy it also supports optimal and timely use of available health services while avoiding a total dependency upon them for minor ailments.

Athlete’s foot
Heartburn (without indigestion)
Lower urinary tract infection

The expert platform shall for the diseases selected:
• produce a guideline on how to promote self-care within the EU
• provide proposals for actions and collaboration at EU level on self-care
• prepare a guideline to help Member States and stakeholders to develop and produce communication tools on self-care

Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the European Union, Platform of experts (September 2014-May 2017)

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